Executive Managing Director

Message of Executive Managing Director

Dr. Mridula Bharadwaj
(Executive Managing Director)

The aim of education and excellence is the fulfillment of man in all richness of our personality. The authentic education will always humanize the person. Great emphasis has to be given to inculcate human and moral values and healthy habits among the students, so that they grow up with integrated individuality and a sense of social responsibility through a well thought out programme of education. We have been there in the field of education since 1986. Dev Polytechnic College is a technical institute run by highly qualified professionals. Since then we have produced a galaxy of students who have made their mark in life and have brought glory to themselves as well as to their Alma Mater. We have well qualified staff and fully equipped and sophisticate laboratories and workshops. Dev Polytechnic College pays full attention to prepare its students to meet the varied challenges of life in this competitive world. Every small detail is taken care of.

We promise you a bright future