Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


The Dev Education Society has as its mission the attainment of international distinction in education, scholarship, and public service. Dev Education Society combines a responsibility for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge. It offers an extensive range of academic program in the technical education and professions. It also provides accessible, high-quality technical education for qualified students who are able to benefit from a scholarly environment in which research inspires and informs teaching. At Dev Education Society, we celebrate and learn from our diversity and we value individual differences. Academic freedom is defended within an environment of civility, tolerance, and mutual respect.


Dev Education Society’s roots go back to 2007. The establishment & running of Dev Polytechnic College of Dev Education Society was only possible with zealous and ardent efforts of
Mr. Ram Iqbal Sharma – Chairman.
Mrs. Mridula Bhardwaj – Exc. Managing Director.
Mr. Rajesh Bhardwaj – Managing Director.
Today, DPC is an eminent educational institution in Haryana occupying 5 acres ,1 kanal , 11 marlas of land and 98000 of sq. ft. of buildings and facilities.


  • To be a pre-eminent educational institution that prepares students from diverse backgrounds for productive careers by providing them with a student-centered, practically focused quality-learning experience.


  • A distinctive institution, which provides high quality, education courses, which attract top student scholars and faculty, produces prepared and differentiated students, and promotes lifelong learning.
  • Students uniquely valued by industry.
  • Students who appreciate their education and are lifelong loyal alumni.
  • Faculty at the frontiers in education and teaching excellence.
  • Close and productive ties with alumni and industry.
  • Courses recognized for excellence, which brings pride to alumni, the state, and us.
  • A work environment where all persons can thrive and realize their full ambitions and potential.


  • The mission is to graduate well-educated students who are prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing, increasingly complex world.


  • A well-qualified faculty who care about students and their success.
  • A dynamic, up-to-date curriculum that has an optimal balances between theory and practice.
  • Laboratories, computer facilities, and instructional classrooms on par with any contemporary institution in the country.
  • Unique co-curricular opportunities for students such as participation in student design competitions, professional student organizations, and pre-professional employment.
  • Opportunities for students to participate in research projects.
  • Mutually beneficial partnerships with area industry.


Our dream is to create a place for the society in the galaxy of world-renowned quality education institutes & to produce competent, active, society caring candidates, & the researchers with futuristic vision.